Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another month goes by

Today is August 16, 2012.  Another month has gone by.  My computer died in June.  My dear husband has my data on an external drive, but that is as far as it has gone.  

Last week, as I was getting everything ready to take my granddaughter off to camp, I discovered months of photos still on my camera.  Yes!!  I had not deleted photographs since the June Minnesota Quilt show!  Happy that some of my photos from the past year were available, I began editing.  Months and months of photographs.  I was finally going to get my blog updated.

Then my phone began to have issues, so I downloaded ALL of my iPhone photos to my husband's computer.  Not the best quality, but a start.  Memories from the past year, and more to add to my blog.

So with the cold weather today, I decided to take some time and began updating my blog.  My current plan is to go back and add postings from the past eight months.  So please check out my older blog posts.  They are really new to the site.  Just trying to keep them in chronological order. 

First up will be the Road to California 2012!