Friday, December 30, 2011


This year the holidays went by way too fast. Very few photos taken. But here is one showing part of one of my first quilts, along with stars and an angel.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shipshewana 2011

Rise 'n Roll donuts. Definitely a reason to be in Shipshewana.

Silk tie blocks. What a find at Rebecca Haarer's store.

Quilters went crazy over this sweater made from sock yarn.
What a great idea!

Dear Janes enjoyed time at Lolly's and Yoder's shops.

Met up with Cj on our way to the retreat.
Wish she could have joined us in Shipshe.

One of many DJ quilts seen this week.

Pat's hug quilt.

Everyone busy working.

This fall I nearly didn't make it to Shipshewana. Very thankful to friends at a wonderful retreat. I brought handwork this year. Knitting, cross stitch and hand piecing. Stayed busy the entire week. A great time. Didn't take many photos this year, but here are a few to give you an idea of our time in Shipshe.

Monday, November 7, 2011

One picture says it all

Hermione was busy warding off all the zombies. She loved it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quilt Show

I was able to visit a local quilt show this fall. Always fun to see what others are doing. Loved taking photos of the fabrics and quilting. Gets me motivated to quilt!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where did Fall go?

Summer and Fall went by way, way too fast. Summer comes to an end at the state fair. Grandkids had a wonderful time on the rides. Me? I ate enough different foods for a day.

School began. Another summer gone.
School and work started. Where did the time go?

Fall soccer was a first for us this year.
One in traveling and one in the recreational league.
So different from the summer program. And so quick.

Twin Cities Marathon. What a great day to run.
And a personal best for Kevin.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buffalo video

Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

There were quite a few herds of buffalo this year in Yellowstone National Park. AND they were definitely not afraid of any of us!

Motorcycle trip 2011

Looking at this first photograph, you may wonder a bit about our trip this year. Our annual trip out to the Tetons via South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Each year friends ask if we had another "encounter" with buffalo. But no one ever asks about our navigation of the mountainous roads. Since I am posting this, it is safe to assume that we made it home in one piece. No close encounters with the railings along the different passes, and no close encounters with the four legged friends of Yellowstone National park. Just a passenger that tries to take too many photos!

We did nearly have an issue with our gas tank though. This was the first time we road the Honda Goldwing with the Bushtec trailer across several mountain ranges. Up and down. Up and down. And nearly not all the way UP one time. Luckily we found a gas station at a resort just before we were going to have to coast all the way down! Price was nearly a dollar more per gallon, but that is better than the alternative.

We did see more wildlife this time than in the past. Many falcons and turkeys along the roadways. Luckily they new better to stay out of the middle of the road. Not so good for one lonely cow who decided it wanted to go for a walk out in the middle of Hwy 212. Traffic very sparse in that part of South Dakota, so we were able to avoid him.

Many of the mountain passes still had snow from last winter. There were even fresh ski tracks in places where those crazy ski bums chose to full fill their need for speed on snow. I was quite content sitting on my heated seat and taking in the view.

Jim was kind enough to stop at three quilt shops while on the trip. This particular shop was just east of Red Lodge Montana, out in the middle of the mountains. Husband is a retired airline pilot and collects antique cars. Wife owns a quilt shop. Seems fair.

2011 trip

Jim and our Honda Goldwing pulling the Bushtec trailer.

Looking over Jim's shoulder towards Beartooth Pass before heading into Cooke City Montana.

Signs in front of our hotel in Cooke City directing us to remote locations of the globe. Fun town. Who would want to leave?

One of the many scenic stops through the mountain passes. Jim quite happy to see all the snow.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Has anyone ever made a Scrabble quilt? I have seen quilt boards for other games like Monopoly and Life. But never Scrabble. That might be fun to try.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer in pictures

Even though the purpose for this blog was craft related, I decided early on that it would also document our family. Many family members and close friends look towards this blog to keep up to date on our activity.

After multiple attempts trying to download photos from a new camera, I finally got it to work. Over the next several days, I will post images. Best part of our lives. Family and friends.

More Summer

Great ice cream in Stillwater Minnesota with Aunt Carrie. A must!
Feed my starving children. Filling food bags with Girl Scouts.
Ice cream with great grandparents after soccer tourney. Thanks!!!
Out for a stroll with great grandma.
Cousins training for triathlons. Good going!!!