Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shipshewana Spring 2016

This Spring I brought two "newbies" to the retreat in Indiana.  My friend Kris and my granddaughter Haley.  Both were very excited to go.  Haley missed a few days of school, but felt that this would be the only year she could go without having trouble with her schoolwork.  Glad she could come.  Kris had heard about the retreat for several years, and wanted to go.  Now she is planning to come again this fall.  We had a blast!
Our group at the retreat

Rebecca's hexie challenge

Yoders parking lot

Busy sewing denim

Top is done!!

Visiting the boat at Lolly's

Pretzels at Jojo's

One of many quilt shops

Variety of transportation

Busy farmers

Quick plan, many denim bags made before we left

Heading home

One of many wonderful sunsets