Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow is the "norm" here in Minnesota!

Feeling for all my friends down south dealing with the winter wonderland that we are accustomed to.  Can't imagine what it is like for those unfamiliar with snow and ice.  As for those of us in the frozen north, we are having a heat wave!  Temps predicted in the 30's over the next week.  I can finally open my blinds and get some Vitamin D again.  

Icicles on our roof

My perennial garden is under there somewhere!

Haley's snowman unable to get out of the snow.

My current sewing room view of the lake and roof full of snow.

Table used for sewing when I want to be with the family, watch Olympics or a movie.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


From the start, I planned to do something different with Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Celtic Solstice. Initially changing the colors, especially the background, was my only intent.  Then I saw many different possibilities for the blocks.  Quilters around the world were flipping this part and that.  Making their quilt unique.  Someday mine will be done too.  Here is a "peak" at what will come.  Please check back in to see as it progresses.  Until then I will keep sewing!!

Final setting that I plan to use.  Just need to make more chevrons.

View of the top 2+ rows.

More blocks to come!!!

Check out all the very unique Celtic Solstice quilts through this link: