Friday, October 30, 2009

Parade, Party & Fun

Great time at school. We had a black cat and a king this year. Can you find them in the maze?


What a difference a day makes. One minute the trees are still full of leaves, the next wind and rain blows them clean.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lowry Nature Center

Kindergarten classes take two trips a year to Lowry Nature Center. This was Lucas' time. He is in the royal blue/black jacket. Touching snakes, smelling leaves, and just having fun.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We saw many dogs at the shops we visited on our trip. One favorite was this border collie at the pottery shop in Ellison Bay.

Bailey Harbor's Lighthouses

My friend's gggrandfather was a lighthouse keeper in Bailey's Harbor back in the 1850's. We stopped in town to take photos of the range lights and the Old Bailey's Harbor lighthouse. It was fun to visit both.

We tried finding the Exchange Motel in Sturgeon Bay without success. Another place he worked at in the 1850's.

Washington Island

My summer home when I was young, we had to visit. Saw the Richter, which was the boat we would travel on when I was a little child, up to the Noble, which we traveled on this trip. We were able to visit the log cabin my grandparents' owned, along with Sievers Fiber Arts school.

Plum Island Lighthouse

Door County

Thirty one years ago we had our honeymoon in
Door County Wisconsin. Though we were a month late for our anniversary, we still had a wonderful two days.

We had to stop at the memorial to motorcyclists. On land owned by the DC Chops, which must be the motorcycle group there. Then after a short walk around Sister Bay, seeing carved wood pumpkins, we headed north to the tip at Northport to take the ferry across to Washington Island. Feel bad for whoever was stuck on Plum Island at the lighthouse. What a lonely place.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Staying five

I asked Lucas today if he would just stay five years old forever. Love how he is right now, and don't want him to grow up.

His response: "Nana, I have to grow up. Otherwise how am I going to learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels!"

What happened to Fall?

Okay, only one month ago, the kiddos were coming home from the first day of school and going to the beach to swim because it was so warm. Now we have had a second dump of snow, and this one is still covering the grass and roofs. What happened to Fall?

I took more photos, but with my computer "issues" yesterday, for some reason my iPhoto program has disappeared. Either my resident Geek Jim, or the Apple genius will have to help. I can use a computer, just can't fix it.

So we are slushing around here in Minnesota, and trees still have all their green leaves. It will be an interesting leaf pile this year. Off to fix dinner then sew some quilt blocks tonight. And when my iPhoto gets fixed, I will post some photos.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Snow

It is Saturday. Kiddos usually sleep in a bit, but not today. They knew there would possibly be snow. Can we make snowmen? Do we need our snow pants on? Will the ski area be open? So at 7am they are asking questions, while I am still trying to get a bit of sleep. Oh well. Guess it is time to get up. Excitement here.

First we have my convertible and part of the scooter, both warm weather vehicles. Guess no more motorcycling, especially today. And only crazy friends ride with their top down, and you know who you are!

Next, the hosta jungle, which is definitely done for the season. The last two photos are of my perenial garden. Season suddenly over, though I knew that several weeks ago. Hopefully we will have some Indian Summer so I can clean it up for the REAL winter.

Can you see the thermometer on the fence in the third photo? It reads between 20-30F. I checked on, and our temp currently is 26, but feels like 16F. Ahhhh, the joys of living in Minnesota!