Monday, July 18, 2016

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

For several years I have wanted to attend the outdoor quilt show in Sisters Oregon.  This year Jim came with me.  We had a great time, and saw more than the quilt show.  Would love to go back to this part of Oregon for another visit to the show.  Who wants to join me?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Soccer

Summer soccer actually begins in late Spring and ends by the beginning of July.  This year was bittersweet, as the USYSA made changes in age brackets.  With late birthdays, both grandkids that play soccer will be playing in a different bracket than most of their friends.  Happily, they enjoyed the year, and one team placed in two tournaments.  Both play goalie, like their dad did.  One does it most games, the other nearly half of the time.  This Fall will bring new teams and new challenges.  And yes, Fall soccer begins in August.  

Dribbling around the opponent
Goalie High Five!
Tournament win

High Five after win

Great goalie work

Second place in another tournament
Visiting one of the games

Goalie work while storms go around us
Great win
Great goalie