Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is it really July 18th?

Life has been slow here. The most excitement I have is getting from the bedroom to the living room without help. Dependent on others 24/7 is not the norm for me. I know with time this will change, but for now I am thankful for family, neighbors, and friends willing to assist with my recovery. Just over a week since surgery. If progress is similar to the past week, I hope to be using only a crutch by next weekend.

July 18th. First Anniversary for Jen and Jerod. Can't believe a year has gone by. Check out their blog, Jewel of the Prairie to see some photos from their wedding last year. Luckily they have moved closer to us, and I am fortunate that Jen will be able to assist me for the next few days.

Finally, another ray of happiness during the turmoil. Haven't met him yet, but have a new granddog named Max. Check out the photos. Hope he is as nice as he seems to be.

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