Monday, August 31, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

I am here. Still recovering from knee surgery. Had to visit the hospital one night last week. Doctor went in and cleaned out some scar tissue and manipulated my knee. As a result, my range of motion has increased substantially. Still dealing with physical therapy. When will it end? Don't know.

Where has summer gone? Officially not for a bit, but when September is here, and the temps are chilly, thoughts of Fall and school fill our days. In a week the grandkiddos will be back in school. Hopeful I will be well enough to start substitute teaching again. Usually September is a slow month for subbing. Quilting then? Maybe. Yesterday was my first attempt at sewing in over two months. Leg tired and swollen from a few hours of sewing. Can't have those sewing marathons yet.

Time for a few stretches, ice, and rest. Night all!

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