Saturday, September 12, 2009

School days, school days........

First week of school is officially over. Haley enjoyed showing Lucas all the "ropes" as the big sister in first grade. Lucas of course thinks kindergarten is no big deal, he knows everything, and won't share anything because it is all a "secret". Kevin is diving into classes again too, and hopes to stay afloat with his heavy load.

Me? Knee is progressing. Little things like how I get in and out of a car. Walking up steps foot over foot. Doing more at aqua aerobics. Able to ride on Jim's motorcycle. Even though sometimes I think it isn't going well, I see improvement in my ability to do things and realize that all is fine. Haven't started working again, though I have been called twice. We will see what next week brings.

Jim excited for the ski season. Chatting with everyone at the Hoigaards tent sale. We were able to pick up an awesome pink ski helmet for Haley, and she has progressed to "poles" this year. Big, big deal for her.

Tonight we enjoyed a puppet show put on by Kevin, Haley, and Lucas. Lots of fun. Recorded it. Very creative kids. When I get a chance, I will post some photos. But for now, good night from Minnesota.

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