Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lionsgate Academy bike ride

Jim offered to sponsor a motorcycle ride for Lionsgate Academy in Crystal. We had never been on a ride with this many bikes. Not what we usually do. Didn't count how many bikes there were, but I would estimate close to 100. We are new to the Harley scene, and definitely not used to riding in such close quarters or stopping at so many bars along the way. I did try to take photos a few times, even over my shoulder looking behind us. Sometimes they were great shots, sometimes not so great. But with digital, it doesn't matter. Keep the good, delete the bad!

For those that want to know which bike is ours, it is to the right of the lady walking in front of all the bikes. Dark blue one. And in another photo you can see Jim in the middle of the photo by the bike. We are getting ready to leave from the bar where we stopped for lunch. Overall a great time driving from Castle Rock near Northfield, across into Wisconsin and Pepin, back up the river and west through Hastings, returning to Castle Rock for dinner, raffle and fun.

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