Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sheridan to Cooke City

Today we drove from Sheridan Wyoming to Cooke City Montana. Anyone familiar with this part of the country, you have to go over or around the mountains to get to most towns. After checking out of our hotel in Sheridan, we headed into town to fill up with gas. On our way out we drove by The Quilters Fix. Sunday morning, so definitely not open. Jim was sorry to hear that.

Rest of the day was spent on windy roads over different mountain passes. Temperatures ranged from 30F to 70F. And that is without the windchill factored in!

Tonight we are resting in Cooke City, which is at the NE end of Yellowstone. Relaxing and enjoying the ability to walk instead of sitting on the motorcycle. Time for dinner. Then will try to download all the photos from the REAL camera. Here are two from my iPhone.

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  1. Cute name for a quilt shop. Too bad it was closed. :(