Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer in pictures

Even though the purpose for this blog was craft related, I decided early on that it would also document our family. Many family members and close friends look towards this blog to keep up to date on our activity.

After multiple attempts trying to download photos from a new camera, I finally got it to work. Over the next several days, I will post images. Best part of our lives. Family and friends.


  1. Oh my gosh does he ever look like his Grandpa. So nice to have them in our lives They give us so much of lifes knowledge. I remember mine and look back with smiles .so much love and fun.
    I miss DJ retreats we are in Florida now from oct to May so sometime will have to fly home for one.I am in Ediths Guild They are the best have learned so much from them. have fun maybe meet you sometime at one. Thanks for sharing your family!!!Debbie kelly

  2. Actually he is standing next to his great grandpa. He definitely looks just like his dad did when he was that age.