Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

Why do Girl Scouts sell cookies in the middle of winter? I wonder about that some days. Luckily on this day we had no wind or snow. The girls had a great sale outside a local coffee shop.

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  1. I've wondered that as well. My DGD called me from Juneau and asked if I wanted cookies. I gave her my order and then asked at work if any of the gals wanted some. We ended up with over $250 worth of cookies. My son's dad and step-mom were going up on the ferry (taking their van) for a basketball tournament and brought them back for us. I had to laugh when one of the tellers at the bank in Juneau emailed me and said that was a lot of cookies to eat. I had emailed and asked for a Cashiers Check to be made and given to my son. We laugh and say, "only in SE AK does this happen".