Saturday, December 8, 2012

A day of Easy Street

Friday morning, Step Three of Easy Street was waiting for me when I checked in at 6:30am.  So I quickly printed the directions.  Only issue was that I am using different colors than Bonnie's example.  Where was my fabric requirement page that had my colors listed???  Did I leave it at quilt camp last weekend?  After a quick search, the pages were found.  

I am a substitute teacher, and was working in the high school art department on Friday.  Two of the classes were working independently, and I knew from past experience that I should bring something to do.  Art class?  Of course it was the perfect time to cut out my fabrics.  

This Friday night was also sewing night at the LQS.  We get together from 6pm until midnight once a month.  Sew, chat, and snack.  Always a great time.  I was able to finish the blocks for Step Three.  This went WAY too fast.  Did I do something wrong?  Nope.  Ready for next Friday's next step. 


  1. Love your colors! I am not doing Easy Street, but seeing yours is really tempting me!!

  2. fun fabric your groups idea of all night stitching!

  3. That red and yellow look great together!

  4. Those look great, I am using yellow where you are but then Bonnie's teal for my triangles. It's so fun to see the different color combinations.

  5. Wow, the reds and golds look fabulous!

  6. Our color schemes are virtually identical! Great minds think alike!

    1. It is always fun to see others using similar colors.