Thursday, January 9, 2014

Those nasty Four patches!!!

Holiday break found me skiing out west with my family.  That meant sewing blocks would have to wait until I returned this week.  In an effort to link to Bonnie's blog by tonight, I wanted to finish four blocks.  Only four, but that took forever.  And chaos resulted.  

Celtic Solstice is a wonderful quilt.  But you have to be awake while making the blocks.  Everyone has been asking people to "check" their blocks.  Are they facing the correct way?  I have seen many who have one block here and there that needs to be flipped.  Me?  That wouldn't happen.  

Oops!  Yes, I know the four patches are going the wrong way.

Well tonight it did.  In an effort to have four blocks done by tonight (my personal goal), I quickly assembled them.  Excited with the results, I sewed four together, took and picture and BAM!  One entire set of four patches went the wrong way.  How could I do that?  I was being soooooo careful.

The correct placement!

After a quick bit of frogging and stitching, I have everything lined up and going the right way.
Now to make how many more blocks????  I am making the king size quilt.  


  1. I love your blocks :-)
    I will not be doing this quilt, but I will enjoy yours from a distance ;)

  2. It's so gorgeous. I love your fabrics. Honestly, I think most are not being truthful if they don't admit that they have at least flipped one. ;O

    1. IF you make the larger two blocks and then put the quilt top together, there are easy fixes. Took me less than 5 minutes to rip the seams and turn the block. Now my only issue is the chevrons. I am not happy with how off a couple of them are. Plan to tweak that a bit over the next week.

  3. It all looks good. I got my 4 patches correct, but reversed a piece in an earlier block. Didn't even see it until the whole inside was together. Not taking it out!!
    Interesting that we selected almost the same colors. I was searching the photos to see if anyone else had a dark neutral.
    This was my first mystery with Bonnie. I'm hooked for next year!