Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday in Shipshewana

Yesterday was a full day, even with the rain that just wouldn't go away. Surprised at the number of buggies out and about. A little rain doesn't stop them, so why should it stop us?

Thursday morning we did sew a bit until the urge for a fabric fix hit us. Plus we were told that the quilt shop near Goshen, Calico Point, had the best prices. So of course, we headed half an hour southwest of Shipshe. Yes, they had great prices. No, they don't carry CW Repros. :-(( But I did find a couple batiks that could be used in quilts I am currently making. My first fabric purchase of the trip. That is good for me. I have already been in five other quilt shops without purchases, so like I said, I did good.

Because of our trip to Goshen, lunch was delayed until nearly 2pm. We stopped at the Rise 'n Roll Bakery again for a cup of amazing beef vegetable soup. Then back to sew a bit at the Farmstead.

Driving into town tonight, I tried taking a photo from the car of all the lights in town. It is decked out for the holidays. We had dinner at Lolly's. A first in all the years I have been attending this retreat. Another first was Kris' announcement at the dinner that we could select SIX fat quarters to take as a "thank you" for all our business over the years. What followed was an organized search through all their fat quarter bins in the store for the perfect free fabrics. Thank you Lolly's!

Sun looks like it is trying to peak through the clouds today. Wonder if we will be able to walk to Yoders today.

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