Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday in Shipshe

Raining here today in Shipshewana, but that isn't going to stop us. Already been to the Rise 'n Roll Bakery, which has relocated on Hwy 20 to Middlebury. Carmel cinnamon raised donuts have been consumed along with lots of samples of jams, pickles, and peanut brittle.

Then off to downtown Shipshewana and a visit to Yoders. Quilting department has been rearranged. Still able to find things, especially a fabric made by Thimbleberries specifically for the Shipshewana area.

Finally made it over to Rebecca's, Lolly's, and Jojo's. We will definitely be returning to all three. Home at The Farmstead Inn to relax before sewing begins. So nice and peaceful here. No large crowds. A nice change.

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  1. Thank you Kim for the pictures ...I feel lonely here but was thinking of all of you ...made 40 chocolate mousses the last hour as tomorrow is Philippe's Bday and I always treat his employees with chocolate mousses
    tomorrow and for the next 12 months we will be 100 y old together ;)
    hugs to all