Friday, February 12, 2010

Organized Random?

Quilters have heard this term. We want our quilts that have multiple fabrics to look like they were pieced with a variety of fabrics. Random placement of many wonderful fabrics. BUT can we just pull strips out of a bag and let them be where they end up being? No. Or at least I can't.

Organized random. That's a very technical quilting term. For this quilt I have over 20 dark batiks and 10 light batiks. I want them to "play nicely" with each other. Don't want to end up with two of the same fabric or color sewn right next to each other. It will catch the viewers eye and then who knows?

As you can see by my little piles, I have sorted my 20+ fabrics so that when they are sewn into blocks, I won't end up with all green or burgandy dot batik in the last few blocks. Random yes. Organized, definitely yes!

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