Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer garden

How many of you have a perennial garden? How many of you know where every single plant is located? Know which are weeds? Know where you can plant new plants?

I thought I knew. But when those plants started to come up, I began to question whether or not they were perennials or weeds. Tried taking photos and making a drawn map. Will that help for next year? Hope so.


  1. Your garden looks great. We have had so little rain here that I think we're going to have to chop the daylillies down already. The deer are coming out of the woods and eating my hosta. I have drawn a map when everything was growing....but when the next year rolls around I can never seem to remember where I put it. Did you make the water feature? If so I'd love to know how.

  2. We don't have deer, which is quite unusual. No water feature, though we could do one on the pottery that is in the picture. Local guy makes it and you can have water on it. I just have it for looks and bird seed.