Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My find!

Each year our local guild has a picnic in July. Great time, wonderful food, and for the past several years, a auction of UFOs. Everyone brings their projects that they no longer want. Those that will never be finished. Those that no longer have a home. Those that we are frustrated with. Most end up with a new home, after a lively few minutes of bidding.

This year I gave my unfinished jacket to the cause. Homespuns and stars. Many pieces quilted. But it has sat in my sewing room for nearly 15 years, and I finally realized it would never be finished. So off to the auction it went.

During our picnic we have a chance to look over the tables full of UFOs. Eye those that we think could have a new home. Decide which one is that special project that we would finish. I helped during the auction, showing the wonderful projects. Some I wouldn't look at twice. Others I couldn't believe were even in the auction.

One of those was a group of blue and white blocks, along with a border print. I knew I had to bring it home. And after some nervous bidding, they did come home with me. Little did I realize that I didn't have any blue and white fabrics to add to the blocks. So during the Minnesota Shop Hop, I located a few fabrics to add to the blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

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