Monday, January 4, 2010

Progress in the frozen north

Being forced to stay inside because temperatures are -19F and colder isn't really all that bad. Gives me time to work on all those WIPS (works in progress) that have accumulated over the years. One is my niece's high school graduation quilt. She loves yellow, which was in my stash of batiks, along with numerous prints. I went down to my sewing room, through a few boxes, and pulled out a wonderful array of fabrics. What a great feeling. Haven't had to visit the LQS yet for this one!

Seeing my niece over Christmas made me realize I needed to focus on her quilt, and finish it before she graduates from college. Cold weather is good. The quilt top is nearly half way done in just three days!


  1. beautiful! i love the yellow and the wide assortment of batiks. your neice will love it.

  2. does this mean our wedding quilt will be coming soon? :-)

  3. Sooner than later. That's about all I can say right now. I am sewing as much as I can, and after this I will be working on yours and Katie's too.