Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

Haley and I traveled down to Grinnell after Christmas.  Originally Jim, Lucas, Haley and I were going to head down on December 28th.  Due to complications with Jim's eye surgery, he stayed home with Kevin and Lucas.  Haley and I didn't head down until Saturday, December 29th.  Since we came a day late, we planned to stay until December 31st.  Little did we know how much difference a day would make!

On Sunday December 30th, Jen and Haley were busy fixing dinner.  "Normal" evening, right?  Not the case.  After dinner, Jen commented that she wasn't feeling very well, and the baby had "dropped".  Thus began a very LONG night.  For most of the night, Haley waited for her new cousin to arrive.

Gus was born New Years Eve at 1:11pm.  Kevin, Carrie and John rushed down to visit their
 nephew on New Years Day.  Quite the celebration!

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